Freud and Yoga (by Kruschke and Desikachar):

I appreciate the intention of this book to bridge Eastern (yoga) and Western (psychoanalysis) healing modalities. Although I haven’t undergone psychoanalysis formally, I’ve read a lot of materials from Freud and Freud-informed authors that have taught me a lot about the psychology of…

It’s all prakriti, yes.

War is a product of impure thoughts that turns into Violence. Hatred.

War is imagined before it is real. War is languaged before guns and ovens are fired.

War is made reasonable and justified by a moral absolute. Whose?


It’s avidya, yes. The hunger for…

My Atchara

Atchara is pickled green papaya relish that my Ima made for special occasions like…at Christmas! It is paired with chicharon/fried pork rind, barbeque pork or chicken, adobo or with any dish, really. Atchara is to Filipinos like kimchi is to Koreans and chutney is to Indians. I think atchara originated…

Dear Mungan,

To the people of Bukidnon, you are the first babaylan. You are the true heroine of their beloved epic, Ulaging, even though the honor goes to Agyu and his brothers.

Your husband shunned you because of your leprosy but your brothers-in-law were kind to you.

They took turns…

Indigenous peoples do not believe the world is ending.

The world is changing, they say.

Even before the scientists named climate change

The shamans knew it

When they saw the snow caps melting

The earth quaking and tilting

Animals and birds leaving

The Ocean rising

They say: The Earth is…

I haven’t been home to see you in five years. I used to go home every summer to conduct research, attend conferences, visit friends and family. On my last visit in 2013, something changed. I came away feeling angry, frustrated, and helpless — the traffic, the environmental degradation, the loss…

Leny Strobel

Leny is Kapampangan. Settler on Pomo and Coast Miwok lands. Founder and Elder at the Center for Babaylan Studies.

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